How does our use of location-aware software change our view of the world?


-is it just a passing fad?
application to alert friends near by-ny times

Location aware software may not directly impact our views of the world, but rather enhance them to make us more aware of our environment and add additional information that we may not have been previously aware of. An example of this is using urban spoon to seek a coffee shop that’s close by, we already know the area we just want to find that “hidden gem” around the corner.

The major impact in the future could be on dating and meeting new people using applications such as the Chinese Momo or Wechat. Location aware software allows you to directly connect with people in the same area that may have similar interests and be in your proximity. In this scenario it would directly impact your lifestyle in the ways in which you communicate with others and the ways in which you decide to make that very important first impression. This may make traditional dating methods more redundant; you may no longer go to nightclubs or bars for this purpose.

Although it may seem like a passing fad these applications have plenty to evolve into and will change as more and more people tapped into their networks. The current applications may not exist in the future, but as the technology changes they may become an integrated part of our social communications, as other social media is already.