Is Google making us Stupid?

Without getting too much into the way one interprets “intelligence”, you have to consider that there are different ways one can define intelligence, and therefore, stupidity by association. though it is ludicrous to believe something that brings so much information accessible to be anything but beneficial- we have to keep an open mind to the effects to which it has on our way of thinking. The “way we think” is probably a less ambiguous debate than the topic of stupidity. Having said that, the way we think has most certainly changed. In a time before the internet/ Google, it is not illogical to assume memory retention was more valued in a  way someone thinks. Due to the relative difficulty in finding the right information, in the right source, at the right time. In one fine sweep, the internet has made values such as memory retention and attention in general, to be less relevant.  At a click of a button you can find the right information, in one source, at any time you want. And thus, memory retention might not be prioritized as being as important as it would have been. but that doesn’t mean we are getting more stupid. Just indicates our brain is evolving to utilize cognitive functions in a more effective way; take away our need to retain information- and we will concentrate cognitive powers into other segments of our mind. However, this is only true should the internet be our ONLY source of information.  If the internet were to be used as a be all and end all of your thought process than we are merely regurgitating information. rational thought has to chime in at some stage, and that requires working memory/ memory retention.  There are some that would have us believe that online search aids such as Google and the web in general are effectively hindering our cognitive functions to some degree. In short, making us stupid (or more so than we would have been). Mr Nicholas Carr would be right in this regard if, as stated earlier, the internet was your sole chain of thought. the fact of the matter is, the internet is NOT  making us stupid. How can it? when it is a just a source of information. The onus lies on us to know what the internet should be used for, not to replace cognitive function completely- but just as a tool. a tool used to attain raw data in which WE can apply rational thought to and interpret ourselves. fundamentally, only the uneducated would suffer from the use of the internet/ Google.