Is Google making us Stupid?

Is Google making us stupid?

  • Has it affected our ability to concentrate?
  • Consider Carr’s argument, do you agree?

Google and the internet is not in particular making us stupid, however it is changing the ways in which we retain, absorb and use information. The internet is always at our finger tips, therefore we may not feel the need to remember basic fast that we take for granted. However if we can not remember the information we are not making sense of it, breaking it down or building on our basic knowledge base. It’s impossible to be able to explore or have new discoveries without a knowledge of the pasts of such information. For example, you can’t not invent a new computer program without a basic knowledge of how computers work.

If you consider an optimistic point of view Google could also make us smarter, Google and the internet could provide those of us without access to information via traditional sources, such as a community library or a university education the opportunity to learn and read information for free. For example if I decided to learn about Economics I would be able to Google the topics and read explanations about the information.

Carr’s argument, that Google is taking away our need for a deeper meaning is a rather pessimistic view of Google and the Internet, even if Carr’s views maybe true the internet like many other technologies is not going away. Even Socrates objected to writing because it took away our reliance on our own memories to remember information. Rather it would be better for us to educate children about the importance of remembering information, making sense of such information and evaluating it for a more deeper meaning.